Keeping food trucks safe

Food trucks, chip wagons, concession trailers and portable food carts are growing in popularity as more of them find spots on the streets of British Columbia.

BC Safety Authority (BCSA) Directive D-GA2014-02 refers to such units as “Mobile Outdoor Food Service Units”. These are used outdoors for the preparation and dispensing of food or beverages and contain appliances or equipment operated by propane in the vapour state. They may be equipped with wheels and motive power.

It is important to note that this directive details gas approval requirements for units built in or brought into BC. Owners and operators of these units must ensure that they are aware of and are compliant with the contents of this directive. Among the directive’s salient points are the following: 

  • These units must be built to the relevant sections of the CAN/CSA B149.1 Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code and the CAN/CSA B149.2 Propane Storage and Handling Code.
  • These units must bear an approval decal from BCSA or must be certified and labeled by a certification organization accredited by the Standards Council of Canada. If a unit has none of these, then it must go through and complete a permit process with a licensed gas contractor before it is operated in BC.
  • After a BCSA decal has been affixed, any modification/alteration to the gas system will require a new installation permit and an updated decal.

Note that when completing a commercial installation permit for a unit, the licensed gas contractor will use the total BTU input of all appliances on the unit and enter this as “other” on the application. This requires a description stating Mobile Outdoor Food Service Unit to be added to the “Scope of Work” field. However, each installed gas appliance make/model and serial number will need to be documented and submitted with the permit application. All installed gas appliances must each bear a recognized Certification Label for Canada. Upon completion, the contractor must contact BCSA to have the unit inspected and a decal applied for compliance.

For more details, read BCSA Directive D-GA2014-02. If you have any questions, contact your local BCSA gas safety officer or call 1-866-566-7233 and we will have a gas safety officer get in touch with you.

If you are aware of a non-compliant mobile outdoor food service unit, please report a safety risk.