Renew Your Certification

A valid certificate of qualification is needed in order to perform regulated work. Renew early to avoid delays.

Ensure You’re Qualified to Work

Each certificate of qualification that we issue will need to be renewed periodically. Renewals ensure that each certified individual has valid credentials and is performing regulated work safely.

When to Renew

When you need to renew is dependent on technology. Log in to your Online Services account to check your expiry date and to renew your certification.

You can renew anytime within a year of your expiration date, and we always recommend beginning the process early to avoid any delays or disruptions to your work.

How to Renew

While requirements for renewal may differ depending on your technology, applications can be submitted through your Online Services account.

There may be additional educational requirements necessary for your renewal. Visit the renewal page specific to your technology to learn more.

Renew Now

Working with an Expired Certificate is Illegal

If you do not renew your certificate but continue to perform regulated work, you put yourself and others in danger. There are serious consequences of working with an expired certificate, including a compliance order and monetary penalty.

You will also need to re-apply for your certificate if you want to be able to perform the regulated work outlined on your certificate.

If you do not renew your certificate within three years of expiry, your certificate will close.

Learn More About Renewal by Technology

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