Advertising Guidelines for Licensed Contractors

Regulation Changes to Contractor Advertising


Licensed contractors play an important role in our safety system by ensuring that regulated work is performed correctly. However, unlicensed workers continue to advertise and perform regulated work.

On September 6, 2022, changes to the Safety Standards General Regulation came into effect that requires licensed contractors to publish their company name and Technical Safety BC licence number when advertising their services to the public. The changes apply to all licensed contractors in electrical, gas, elevating devices, and boilers, pressure vessels, and refrigeration.

Adding your licence number has multiple benefits. It demonstrates that you’re a qualified contractor, provides us with additional ways to investigate and enforce against unlicensed workers who are promoting illegal work, and most importantly, it helps the public understand who they can trust to perform services safely. The public can now easily look up licensed contractors through our online Find a Licensed Contractor tool.

Safety is a shared responsibility. If you see advertisements for regulated work by unlicensed individuals, report it using our incident and hazard form.

Licence number must be included on all digital sales and marketing materials.

Licence number must be included on all non-digital or offline sales and marketing materials.

In response to industry feedback, it is currently optional for licensed contractors to display their TSBC licence number on vehicles, storefronts, and equipment.

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For more information on our expectations regarding the placement of the licence number in various forms of advertising, see our advertising guidelines.


Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ provides details on the recommendations associated with the new regulation.

Look for the Number

Contractors that are licensed should have a licence number in the following format: TSBC LXX1234567. Depending on the advertising and when it is being phased in, this number may or may not yet be required.


Find a Licensed Contractor

If you're looking to hire a licensed contractor, look up their licence number or company through our Find a Licensed Contractor tool to ensure they have a good record. This registry provides the contact details for contractors licensed to perform regulated work in BC within our jurisdiction, as well as any enforcement action on their record since 2022.

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