If you have received a non-compliance(s) during an inspection, you are legally required to declare (report) it to us and let us know when it has been corrected, as identified by the safety officer on the Certification of Inspection (COI), before the assigned due date.

A declaration is a legal statement that the work has been completed and meets the Act, code and Regulations. False declarations are enforceable under the Safety Standards Act and regulations.

You can submit a declaration either through your online account or as a guest by selecting the appropriate form below.

Note: All declarations for Amusement Devices, Passenger Ropeways and Elevating Devices must be made through your online account. Declarations for Boiler, Refrigeration and Pressure Vessels need to be made through a guest form.

Declaration Forms

ASME Shop Inspection Request

We continue to provide physical ASME Authorized Inspection Agency (AIA) manufacturing shop inspections. See the ASME Shop Inspection form for more details.


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