Assessments and COVID-19

Our safety officers will perform an OHS hazard assessment before a site visit to evaluate hazards, including COVID-19 risks and determine personal protective equipment (PPE) needs. Physical assessments will be conducted when we determine them to be critical to the safety system. 

Site contacts will provide safety officers with a plan that ensures that appropriate controls, compliant with WorkSafeBC and Public Health, are in place. This will include hand washing and social distancing procedures. 

Inspection guidelines during COVID-19

Your site must adhere to PPE criteria in order to support a physical inspection.

All physical assessments require safety boots, safety vest, eye protection, gloves, hardhat, hearing protection (if needed).

COVID-19 hazards

All options for a remote assessment must be exhausted before considering physical assessment at a site with a disclosed COVID-19 hazard.  

If a physical assessment must take place, the minimum PPE requirements during the visit include safety boots, eye protection, nitrile gloves, safety vest, hardhat, boot covers and Tyvek coveralls, and N95 respirator/mask. A half-mask respirator may also be used instead of a N95 (i.e., gas, boiler, electrical and incident investigations). Note: all respirators require an annual re-certification fit test. 

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