Governance and Leadership

Governance and leadership

Good governance is fundamental to our organization.

We collaborate with clients and partners across the province, providing guidance and assessment of technical work and equipment. We conduct research, educate, and share knowledge to make BC safer.

We are led by an executive team with experience across technologies. An independent board of directors provides oversight and ensures that our practices are safe, transparent, and collaborative.

The Board has the fiduciary responsibility of overseeing the conduct of our organization and ensuring that all major issues affecting the business and affairs of the organization are given proper consideration. This includes our ESG priorities, measures, and targets. In performing its functions, the Board also considers the interests of industry, communities, and government.

As well, all appointments to the Technical Safety BC Board must comply with the provisions related to Director Qualifications and Standards of Conduct addressed in Sections 10 and 11 of the Safety Authority Act and the Code of Ethical Conduct for Technical Safety BC Directors and Officers


As a self-funded not-for-profit organization, we emphasize the importance of financial sustainability to deliver quality services and value for money for our clients, now and into the future. Our business plan outlines the path we are taking towards our strategy, and our Annual Report provides an overview of our financial results along with highlights of our environmental, social, and governance commitments. In addition, our annual State of Safety report provides a detailed overview of the work we are doing to improve safety in British Columbia.

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Our Board of Directors

We are governed by a board of twelve directors that provides oversight and ensures that we are safe, transparent and collaborative in our practices.

The Executive Team

Our leaders bring a variety of skills and a depth of experience that is fundamental to our success. The executive team is responsible for our sustainable operation and growth.

About TSBC

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