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A certificate of qualification is issued to an individual who has the knowledge and ability to do work on regulated equipment under the Safety Standards Act in British Columbia. The Act defines the scope of regulated work within the specific certificate. Select your trade to get information on obtaining or renewing your certification.

If you are a contractor or a contracting company, you can obtain a licence with us in order to install, operate, and maintain regulated equipment across the province.

NOTE: As of January 1, 2024, our fee system will offer different price options for online and in-person exams. Through the new process, you will only pay the application fee when submitting your application. After we have received your application and reviewed your qualifications, you will then receive an option to choose an exam session. Login to your online services account to review the new exam pricing.

Obtain or Renew a Certificate of Qualification

Navigating My Applications in Online Services

This video tutorial demonstrates how to:

  • start anew certificate application;
  • find general information about your current or previous certificate applications;
  • view details about your certificate application; and
  • complete any next steps that may be applicable to yourapplication.

Navigating My Exams in Online Services

In this video, you'll learn how to:

  • book your exam;
  • review exam details once it’s been booked;
  • rebook or cancel exams;
  • view the results of your exam once you've finished; and  
  • request an accommodation for your exam.

Navigating My Certificates in Online Services

This video tutorial will demonstrate how to:

  • view your certificate once you have successfully completed the steps of your certificate application;
  • see details about your certificate; and
  • renew your certificate.


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Learning Centre provides safety and technical training courses designed and taught by industry leaders and up-to-date knowledge of regulatory codes, safety practices, and potential hazards.


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