Regulatory Framework

About Us

The Safety Authority Act is the foundation of our organization. It describes why we exist, how we govern ourselves and what we must do to achieve a safer British Columbia. You’ll see that we’re an independent, not-for-profit organization with a commitment to fostering safety by regulating technical products, equipment, systems, and railways.

For more information on our legal context, please review the Administrative Agreements below and the Safety Standards Act.

The Safety Standards Act sets out the general requirements for regulated work performed by contractors. It also includes information on the legal requirements for permits and qualifications. The Safety Standards Act authorizes us to take enforcement actions if we discover a non-compliance with the Act or Regulations.

Also see Safety Standards General Regulation.

The Safety Standards Appeal Board is created by the Safety Standards Act. It is this appeal board that can review certain decisions we have made when clients request a review.

The railway group operates under the Railway Safety Act. This provides authority for the establishment and statutory governance of railways operating solely within the province of British Columbia and falling under provincial jurisdiction, including common carrier, industrial, heritage, and commuter railways.

For regulations that fall under these acts, see the appropriate technology's regulations webpage.

We have two administrative agreements with the Province, one for the railway group and one for all other technologies. The administrative agreements set out our obligations to the Province to administer the Safety Standards Act and Railway Safety Act.

Periodic provincial audits are a part of our administrative agreement with the Province of BC.

In 2022, the Ministry of Attorney General and the Ministry responsible for Housing commissioned a third-party performance audit of Technical Safety BC.

We value the insights provided in the audit report as they will help us fulfill our purpose to build confidence in a safety system that improves the wellbeing of British Columbians.

The report can be viewed on the Ministry’s website.

As part of our efforts to gain greater technical safety insights and in service to clients and the public we have information-sharing agreements with select municipalities, utilities, and out-of-province authorities.

Memoranda of understanding (MOUs) are agreements between us and other agencies with overlapping jurisdictions. The MOUs describe the procedures we use to share information and cooperate to fulfill both agencies’ mandates.

We currently have MOUs with the following organizations:

We perform some work that relies on professional engineers. This requires us to hold a permit to practice issued by Engineers and Geoscientists BC, granting us legal authority to practice engineering.

Other relevant acts, regulations, and agreements include:

  • Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
  • Workers Compensation Act
  • Ombudsperson Act
  • Offense Act

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