Understand your legal obligations for working in the boiler, gas, electrical, amusement ride, passenger ropeway, elevating devices and railway technologies.

Regulations describe technical obligations and requirements for contractors, individuals, and equipment used in working in the electrical, gas, boiler, elevating, amusement devices, passenger ropeways and railways technologies. Regulations also describe specific obligations regarding qualifications and permits. For a complete understanding of the requirements that apply to you, familiarize yourself with the Safety Standards Act,Safety Standards General Regulation, Monetary Penalties Regulation and the regulations that apply to your technology.

The Railway Safety Act and its regulations applies if you are working in the railway technology.

In each of the sections you'll also find the directives, safety orders and information bulletins that keep you up-to-date with changes in your technology.

Stakeholder Consultation

Stakeholder Engagement at BC Safety Authority brings clients and various stakeholder groups together to share information and ideas to benefit the safety system. Consultations seek a broad range of input and advice, which is used to enable high quality technical risk management for communities and industries across BC.