Electrical Installation Permits

Forms and fees referenced on this page:

How to get a Permit from BCSA

If you have an online services account, you may obtain and pay for an installation permit online. 

For all other clients, please fill out the Electrical Installation Form to request an installation permit.  BCSA will review the details and call you to process payment.

Please be prepared to pay the appropriate Electrical Contractor Installation Fees.

Next Steps after the permit is processed:

  1. A permit number will be issued
  2. Field Safety Representative (FSR) submits a declaration for assessment by BCSA
    1. Your FSR must inspect your installations when each phase is complete, and at least once every 180 days after all work under the permit has been completed, or after the final inspection has been completed.
    2. Please ensure your FSR has submitted the Electrical Contractor Authorization and Declaration of Compliance Electrical Inspection Request Form 206.
    3. BCSA will determine whether further inspection is required.

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Temporary entertainment electrical permits

If you have a online services account, you may obtain and pay for a temporary entertainment electrical operating permit permit online.

For all other clients, download and complete Temporary Entertainment Operating Permit Form 1010. BCSA will review the details and call you to process payment.

Who needs a permit?

Licensed contractors and building owners need a permit before installing electrical products.

If you have an installation permit and the scope of the work has changed, please amend the permit by filling out Electrical Installation Permit Amendment Form 1423 or calling 1-866-566-7233.

Who issues a permit?

The Province of British Columbia has delegated partial responsibility of the Safety Standards Act to a number of local governments. This table shows responsibilities for permits and inspections for specific areas not in the jurisdiction of BCSA.

Permit Fees

Electrical Contractor Installation Fees

Note: Permit fees categorized as “Contractor Installation Permits – Other” are based on the total value of the project including all labour and materials, excluding utilization equipment. Utilization equipment is equipment that uses electrical energy for mechanical, chemical, heating, lighting, or similar purposes. Examples of these items can include: lighting fixtures, heaters, motors, fans, furnaces, heat pumps, security cameras, hand dryers and other appliances

Fees associated with permits allow BCSA to work with industry to reduce safety risks through assessment, education and outreach, enforcement and research. BCSA is an independent, self-funded organization. 

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