Information Bulletins

Information bulletins provide helpful information and clarify issues that affect people in the gas sector.

Electrical Bonding Requirements For Gas Piping Or Tubing Systems IB-GA 2017-04
Propane Vaporizer Emergency Shutdown System Requirements IB-GA 2017-05
Emergency – Natural Disaster Protocol For Electrical & Gas Equipment Safety IB-EL/GA 2015-04
Incident and Hazard Reporting to BCSA - Gas IB-GA 2017-03
Regulatory Amendments To Various Safety Regulations IB-A1-2017-01
Clearance to Meter Regulator Vents B-G5 051206 4 Revision 03
Coleman Furnace Failures B-G5 070322 1 Revision 2
Pipe sizing and pressure drop requirements IB-GA 2013-01 Revision 1
Portable Appliance and Fan Equipment Effects on Buildings IB-GA 2013-02 Revision 1
Hazardous Location Requirements – Gas Equipment Installations IB-GA 2013-03 Revision 1
Pipe Welding Requirements for Gas Installations IB-GA 2014-01 Revision 1
Two Piece Gas Ball Valves - Avoiding Accidental Disassembly IB-GA 2015-01 Revision 1
Gas Safety Certification of Recreational Vehicles B-G5 051206 6 Revision 2
Propane Cylinder Filling Requirements IB--GA 2012-01 Revision 1
Gas Operating Permits and Requirements for Operating Permit Holders to Obtain an Installation Permit B-G5 041108 4 Revision 1
Annual Servicing for Gas Appliances B-G5 071019 3 Revision 1
Gas Line Pressure Regulator Sizing Requirements B-G5 071108 5 Revision 1
Operating Safely Around Underground Gas Services B-G5 080221 1 Revision 2
Gas Fired Heaters Used Indoors IB-GA 2017-01
Gas Dryer Venting System Maintenance IB-GA 2017-02
Transitional Requirements Under Bill 13 – Safety Standards Amendment Act, 2016 For Equipment Located in Pipelines and Oil & Gas Facilities IB-A1-2016-02
Gas Safety Regulation amendments and new gas safety codes adopted IB-GA-2016-01
Pending amendments to the Safety Standards Act under Bill 13 – Safety Standards Amendment Act, 2016 IB-A1-2016-01
Procedures For Issuing A Certificate Of Inspection Following Gas Or Electrical Installations Or Alterations B-G5 E3 040924 3 Revision 1
Gas Info Bulletin: Assembly Of Canadian Certified Portable Natural Gas & Propane Barbeques/Appliances B-GA 2014-02
Changes to access dates for online services Rescinded: IB-A1 2013-02 Revision 1
Changes to gas online permit purchases via BC OnLine Rescinded: IB-A1 2013-01 Revision1
Gas Information Bulletin: Gas Venting Only Qualification IB-GA 2012-02 Revision 1
Adoption of 2010 Editions of the CSA B149 Codes Rescinded: B-G5 110816 2
Gas Product Approvals No Longer Available Through BC OnLine and Service BC Rescinded: B-G5 110401 1
Quick Reference - Annual Servicing for Gas Appliances Rescinded: B-G5 071019 4
Changes to Plastic Venting Requirements Rescinded: B-G5 061206 4
Adoption of 2007 Supplements to the CSA B149 Codes Rescinded: B-G5 061206 3
Installation and Preventative Maintenance for Gas Fired Rack Bakery Ovens Rescinded: B-G5 060519 2
Securing Water Heaters Rescinded: B-G5 060406 1
Nozzle for Propane Dispensing to Private Fleets and Cylinder Filling Rescinded: B-G5 051206 5
Unsafe Propane Filling Practices Rescinded: B-G5 051206 3
Pressure Regulators Requirements in the 2005 Edition of CSA B149.1 Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code Rescinded: B-G5 050726 2
Adoption of 2005 Edition of the CSA B149 Codes Rescinded: B-G5 050228 1