The BC Safety Authority issues directives to clarify or provide new, important interpretations of the regulations or codes. Where appropriate, those involved in installing, operating or maintaining gas equipment must comply with the instructions in the directive.

Approved Certification Marks For Gas Appliances D-G5 051201 2 Rev 06
Recognized Certificates for Transfer of Propane D-GA-2017-01 Rev 01
Compressed Natural Gas Filling Station Logbook D-G5 051206 3 Rescinded
Gas Directive B149.1 & .2 Interpretation, Application and Operation D-GA 2011-01 Rescinded
Gas Directive: Propane Vaporizer Approval for BC D-GA 2012-04 Rescinded
Safety Standards Act And Gas Regulation - Liquid Natural Gas Dispensing Site Requirements D-GA 2014-01 Rev 01
Appliance Air Intake Clearance From Regulator / Over Pressure Relief Device Vent Outlet D-GA 2014-04 Rev 01
CNG Fueling Site Requirements D-GA 2014-03 Rev 01
Obsolete Gas Appliance Replacement Parts/Components D-GA 2014-05 Rev 02
Custom Built Gas Fire Displays and Uncertified Outdoor Fireplaces D-GA 2015-01 Rev 01
Utilization Of Gas Appliances In Show Rooms D-GA 2015-02 Rev 01
Filling Of Propane Cylinders At Unattended Card/Key Lock Only Locations D-GA-2015-04 Rev 02
Responsibilities of Building Owners and Gas Contractors D-G5 091104 5 Rev 01
Hydrogen Regulation under the GSR and PEBPVRSR D-G5 050728 1 Rev 02
Gas Fired Pottery Kilns D-G5 051206 5 Rev 02
Guidelines for Temporary Propane Installations D-G5 051206 6 Rev 02
Requirements for a Gas Appliance in Bedroom D-G5 071121 8 Rev 01
Terms and Conditions for a Gas Utility Operating Permit D-G5 070330 4 Rev 02
Gas Appliances in Mobile Homes D-G5 081117 1 Rev 01
Gas Directive: Truck to Truck Transfer of Propane D-G5 101230 1 Rev 01
Gas Directive: Requirements for Connection of Fuel Supply to Mobile and Manufactured Housing, and Recreational Vehicles D-GA 2012-02 Rev 01
Gas Directive: Requirements for installation of gas meters on customer-owned piping system D-GA 2013-01 Rev 01
Gas Directive: Propane Regulator Installation D-GA 2012-03 Rev 01
Gas Directive: Propane Regulator Operational Requirements D-GA 2012-05 Rev 01
Outdoor Gas Connector and Hose Requirements D-G5 071106 7 Rev 01
Internal Combustion Engines, Turbines, and Other Prime Movers D-G5 070103 1 Rev 01
Gas Directive Plastic Venting D-G5 070628 5 Rev 05
Vent and Chimney Sizing D-G5 071030 6 Rev 01
Replacement Appliance Permit Decals D-GA 2012-01 Rev 02
Requirements for Vented and Ventless Construction/ Temporary Heaters D-G5 070215 3 Rev 01
Personnel Inspection and Maintenance Certification Requirements for Propane Storage Tanks D-BP/GA-2016-01
Propane storage tank pressure relief valve servicing and inspection intervals D-BP-2016-01
Gas Contractor Responsibilities Gas Notification Requirements For Completion, Installation Or Alteration D-GA 2015-03 Rev 01
Operating Permit Requirements for Propane Pressure Vessels D-BP-2015-01
PropressG & MegapressG Press Connect Copper Fittings for Natural / Propane Gas Systems D-G5 090213 1 Revision 2
Retail Propane Refuelling Stations D-G5 051206 7 Rev 02
Gas Directive: Mobile Outdoor Food Service Equipment Requirements D-GA 2014-02
Common Venting Systems for Category III or IV Gas Appliances D-G5 091103 4 Rev 01
Gas Directive Overpressure Device Clearance Requirements D-G5 101202 3 Rescinded
Installation of Gas-Operated Refrigerators D-G5 100831 2 Rescinded
Incident Reporting Requirements with Respect to Gas Technology D-G5 070115 2 Rescinded
Propane Low Pressure Hoses for Conversion of Vehicles D-G5 090929 2 Rescinded
Auto - Propane Components and EN 67 Compliance D-G5 090929 3
Replacement Water Heater Permit Decal D-G5 051206 8 - Rescinded