Information Bulletins

Information bulletins provide helpful information and clarification on issues that affect people in the electrical sector.

Approval Of Manufactured Homes And Factory-Built Structures IB-EL 2015-02 Rev. 1
Minimum Requirements Retrofit Of Luminaires To Include The Use Of Light Emitting Diodes IB-EL 2017-01
Minimum Requirements For The Installation Of Step Up – Step Down Single Phase Low Voltage Transformers IB-EL 2017-02
Emergency – Natural Disaster Protocol For Electrical & Gas Equipment Safety IB-EL/GA 2015-04
Incident and Hazard Reporting to BCSA - Electrical IB-EL 2017-03
Transitional Requirements Under Bill 13 – Safety Standards Amendment Act, 2016 For Equipment Located in Pipelines and Oil & Gas Facilities IB-A1-2016-02
Pending amendments to the Safety Standards Act under Bill 13 – Safety Standards Amendment Act, 2016 IB-A1-2016-01
Application of Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulation on Non-Metallic-Sheathed Cables B-E3 070327 1 Revision 1
Procedures For Issuing A Certificate Of Inspection Following Gas Or Electrical Installations Or Alterations B-G5 E3 040924 3 Revision 1
Responsibilities of Field Safety Representatives B-E3 060609 1 Revision 1
Overhead Lines Guideline B-E3 090312 1 Revision 1
Approved Certification Marks For Electrical Products B-E3 071019 3 Revision 6
Temporary and Permanent Services for Construction Power IB-EL-2016-03
Section 2 – General Rules IB-EL 2016-05
Section 4 - Conductors IB-EL 2016-06
Determining Minimum Service or Feeder Conductor Size for Single Dwellings and Single Dwelling Units of Row Housing or Apartment and Similar Buildings IB-EL 2016-07
Operating Permits IB-EL 2015-03 Revision 1
High Voltage Installations IB-EL 2016-02
Services and Service Equipment IB-EL 2012-03 Revision 1
Guidelines for Determining Hazardous Area Classifications IB-EL 2016-01
2015 BC Electrical Code Adoption IB-EL 2015-06
Protection Of Electrical Raceways And Cables Under Roof Systems And Decks IB-EL 2015-05
Electrical information bulletin: Recreational Vehicles IB-EL 2015-01
Electrical information bulletin: Load calculations for row-housing IB-EL 2014-01
BC Safety Authority launches electrical safety newsletter Electrical Safety Newsletter
New Permit Category: Extra Low Voltage / Low Energy Decals IB-EL 2013-02
BC Hydro: Bus shelters, billboard signage, cable vision and all telecommunications equipment requests BC Hydro Service Change Notice
Info Bulletin: Section 2, Requirements to de-energize electrical equipment IB-EL 2013-01
Electrical Information Bulletin: UL changes to certification programs IB-EL 2012-06 Revision 1
BC Electrical Code Section 76-Temporary Wiring Information Bulletin IB-EL 2011-01
Minimum Requirements Retrofit of Fluorescent Fixtures Revision 2 B-E3 100224 1 Revision 2
Minimum Requirements for Upgrading of Electrical Systems B-E3 091214 2