Technology Advisory Committees

BC Safety Authority seeks input from industry stakeholders through five Technology Advisory Committees. Technology Advisory Committees are designed to assist BC Safety Authority in carrying out its mandate to maintain and improve public safety in the technical areas under its jurisdiction. Technology Advisory Committees are not decision-making bodies. Their role is to identify and to advise BC Safety Authority on issues related to:

  • Technical safety
  • Regulatory operations
  • Service delivery

Recommendations from the Technology Advisory Committees will help us to develop policies and to propose regulatory changes to the Province. All meeting minutes are documented and available.

Expense Form

Committee members are reimbursed for travel expenses as per BC Safety Authority's schedule of approved expenses. Following each committee meeting, members must download and complete the Expense Form for submission, with the necessary original itemized receipts, by mail to:

Meryl Howell-Fellows
BC Safety Authority
#200 - 505 6th Street
New Westminster, BC
V3L 0E1