State of Safety Report 2013

In 2013, BC Safety Authority:

  • completed approximately 36,500 assessments of permitted work,
  • issued over 700 new licences and more than 2,400 new certificates of qualification,
  • conducted approximately 10 consultation initiatives and held approximately 20 Technology Advisory Committee meetings, and
  • offered over 21 gas and electrical Tech Talks that were attended by over 650 industry members.

State of Safety Report 2013 Index PDF

Overview and Messages from the Chair and Chief Executive Officer

Understanding and Managing Safety Risks in BC

Electrical Safety Risks

Boilers, Pressure Vessels and Refrigeration Safety Risks

Gas Safety Risks

Elevating Devices Safety Risks

Railways Safety Risks

Passenger Ropeways Safety Risks

Amusement Devices Safety Risks

Appendix A: Incident Summaries

Appendix B1 & B2: Enforcement Actions - Compliance Orders & Sanctions

Appendix C: Regulatory Instruments & Amendments

Appendix D: Stakeholder Engagement Activities

Appendix E: Education Activities

Appendix F: Media Relations Activities

Appendix G: Technical Risk Register

Appendix H: Local Government Administration of the Safety Standards Act

Appendix I: Definitions