Gas Operating Permits

Forms  and fees referenced on this page:

Gas operating permits are for gas stations and other facilities dispensing propane, natural gas or hydrogen. Operating permits are also required for owners of gas utilities, propane bulk plants, vehicle fuel system installers and other facilities. For more information on those facilities, please refer to section 28 of the Gas Safety Regulation.

If you’d like to get an operating permit, please prepare all the information in the Operating Permit Application Form 550 and:

  1. Call our customer service line on 1-866-566-7233 or,
  2. Mail the form to your nearest BCSA office or,
  3. Visit any of the BCSA offices in person.

Please be prepared to pay the appropriate fee as per the Gas Fee Schedule.

To renew your operating permit, complete the Operating Permit Form 550 and follow the steps above. It may take several weeks to issue the permit from the date you submit an application, so it’s best to renew as soon as you get your reminder.

Contact us

For more information on how to obtain an operating permit or for any questions, please contact us at:

Toll free: 1-866-566-7233