Amusement Devices Operating Permits

How to get a permit from BCSA

Operators putting in a new amusement device must first obtain an installation permit before an operating permit may be issued. A separate application form is not needed for operating permits of amusement devices. 

Steps to obtaining an operating permit on your amusement device:

  1. Complete the Amusement Devices Installation Permit Form 1279
  2. Submit your form and drawings to BCSA's New Westminster office in person or by mail.
  3. Once your installation permit has been reviewed, an acceptance inspection will be booked.
  4. Once your amusement device passes the acceptance inspection and fees have been paid, an operating permit will be issued.

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Who needs a permit?

Operating permits are required for amusement rides and devices, including waterslides, ziplines, train rides, wakeboard tows and inflatables. 

Who issues the permit?

Operating permits are issued by BCSA once the amusement device passes the acceptance inspection and fees have been paid.

Permit fees

Amusement Devices Fee Schedule.

Fees associated with permits allow BCSA to work with industry to reduce safety risks through assessment, education and outreach, enforcement and research. BCSA is an independent, self-funded organization.


Those renewing their operating permit for amusement devices may renew in person at any BCSA office or by phone at (1-866-566-7233). A renewal fee will be charged.  Permits must be renewed each year. BCSA will mail a renewal reminder and form 30 days before the operating permit expires.