Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Refrigeration Installation Permits

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Licensed contractors and owners need a permit before they install, operate or perform maintenance on any boiler, refrigeration system or pressure vessel.

Register a design before getting your installation permit

Before installing a boiler, you’ll need to first provide a Canadian Design Registration Number (CRN) or submit the design specifications of the device registered to obtain your CRN.

All licensed contractors qualified to work with the following equipment need an installation permit before they begin any operations:

  • Hot water boilers with a heating surface area exceeding 3m2
  • Steam boilers with a heating surface area exceeding 2m2
  • Hot potable water heaters exceeding 120 kW or 400,000 BTUs/h
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration systems exceeding 5 kW input prime mover nameplate rating

Obtain a Boiler and Refrigeration installation permit

Pressure vessels don’t need an installation permit. However, before purchasing the unit contact your nearest BCSA office just in case it can’t be registered in BC.

  1. To get your installation permit please prepare all the information in the Boiler Installation Permit Form 823 or Refrigeration Installation Permit Form 824 and:
  2. Call our customer service line at 1-866-566-7233 or,
  3. Mail or visit your nearest BCSA office.

Please be prepared to pay the appropriate fee for your type of boiler, refrigeration system or pressure vessel: Boiler Fee Schedule.

Completing your installation

When you have finished your permitted installation, please submit a Boiler and Refrigeration Inspection Declaration Form 1449.

Alterations and new equipment

If you intend to bring a new boiler into British Columbia or alter existing equipment, you need to contact your nearest BCSA office to let us know.

New equipment must be approved before you can apply for an installation permit. To learn more, see: Design Registration for boilers.

Only Class A contractor licence holders can make alterations or repairs. Notify the BCSA ahead of time by completing the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Repair and Alteration Form 1060. Return the completed form to any BCSA office.