Amusement Devices Installation Permits

To install and operate an amusement device in BC, you first must be a licensed contractor and have the correct permits. An installation permit lets you install or erect an amusement device and an operating permit allows you to run it.


A number of amusement devices are not regulated by the BCSA and do not require installation or operating permits. Examples include: bungee devices, go karts, stationary coin operated rides, and amusement devices that are operated by muscle power.

For a complete list of devices that are exempt from the regulation, see section 18(2) of the Elevating Devices Safety Regulation.

The following devices are also exempt and not subject to regulation:

  • Ziplines that do not exceed a height of 2.4 m from the ground.
  • Ziplines that have trolley speeds less than 5m/sec (18 km/hr).
  • Inflated devices that have a bounce surface less than .25 m from the base.
  • Inflated devices that do not have inflated walls and/or roof that encloses the bounce surface.

If you’re not sure whether your amusement device is a regulated product, please contact:

Provincial Safety Manager for Passenger Ropeways and Amusement Devices,
Telephone: 778-396-2047, or