Electrical Inspections

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While BC Safety Authority primarily performs inspections on work requiring permits, safety officers may also inspect any installation that involves electrical work or electrical equipment. These can include any commercial, industrial or residential premises.

Field Safety Representatives are primarily responsible for performing inspections on work completed by licensed contractors.

If you are the permit holder and your safety officer has identified an aspect of your work that does not comply with the regulations, you must correct the issue and notify the safety officer.

Electrical homeowner permit holders must request a safety officer to inspect electrical work before any wiring is concealed or connected to a supply. The completed electrical work must also pass the final inspection by a safety officer. Homeowners can request an inspection by completing and submitting the Electrical Homeowner Inspection Request form 1011.

For all others, including contractors, to request an inspection, please complete the Electrical Contractor Authorization & Declaration Of Compliance Electrical Inspection Request Form 206.

  • Once submitted, you will get an email copy of the form sent to your email address.
  • Please forward your copy of the Electrical Inspection Request Form 206 to your local utility if you require a service connection. For more information about BC Hydro's process for service connection, see Electrical Bulletin IB-EL 2012-02 Revision 1.

Electrical Contractors Guide

For more information regarding becoming an electrical contractor in British Columbia, please refer to the Electrical Contractor's Guide.