Boiler Design Registration (CRN Applications)

NOTE: Currently our turn-around times are 4 to 5 weeks.

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Under BCSA's Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety Program, we regulate all boilers, pressure vessels, and other pressure equipment to be used in British Columbia. We register the designs of pressure equipment in accordance with the Power Engineers, Boiler, and Refrigeration Safety Regulations. Our Safety Officers inspect pressure equipment during construction and after completion.

For more information on design registrations, please refer to and/or download the following guides:

-Boiler and Pressure Vessels

-Boiler, Pressure Vessels and Refrigeration Regulation – Adopted Codes and Standards

-Used Boilers and Pressure Vessels (rerating)

-Vessel Without American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Certification

-Buried Storage Vessels

-Pressure Piping


-Boiler Info Bulletin: Design Registration – Changes To The Safety Authority’s Application Process


Alterations and used boilers

A used boiler or pressure vessel must be registered before it is installed. If an in-service boiler, pressure vessel, or other pressure retaining equipment is to be altered or re-rated, the alteration and the revised design must be registered. For more information on the registration process for alterations or used equipment, please review the Used Boilers and Pressure Vessels  document and the Boilers and Pressure Vessels Repair and Alteration Report Form 1060.

Please mail your completed application form, documents, drawings and calculations to:

BC Safety Authority
Suite 200, 505 - 6th Street
New Westminster, BC 
V3L 0E1
Attention: Design Survey


Please email:

Canadian Registration Number

Once the design has been registered, a design registration letter with the BC CRN (Canadian Registration Number) will be sent to the applicant. The corresponding invoice to register the design will be sent on a separate cover.

Design Registration Fees

The Design Registration Fee is based on an hourly rate. See Schedule of Fees for Boilers and Pressure Vessels.