Online Services

Electrical and Gas Contractors

Through MyConnection, electrical and gas contractors can:

  • Purchase installation and temporary operating permits
  • View, print and search for permits
  • Request an inspection
  • Sign-off and view declarations
  • Renew gas or electrical contractor licenses
  • Pay by credit and debit cards.

Field Safety Representatives (FSRs) and Asset Owners

Operating permit holders (asset owners) and field safety representatives (FSRs) are invited to register for BCSA's Client Portal.

Through this new service asset owners can:

  • View operating permit invoices
  • Pay for renewals online through Moneris secure payment
  • Access certified individuals and licensed contractors on operating permits
  • Get BCSA forms
  • Export permit and invoice data
  • Find answers to questions about asset owner responsibilities
  • Verify the field safety representative (FSR) for quick electrical permit renewals

FSRs have access to the following information and services:

  • View permits you are named on
  • Submit declarations for assessments
  • Access BCSA forms.