16 April 2012

Proposed fee increases for 2012-2014

The BC Safety Authority is inviting feedback on a proposed weighted increase of 3% each year from 2012 through 2014 for electrical, elevating devices, gas, and boilers, pressure vessels and refrigeration fees. Homeowners will not have an increase in 2012. Increase for passenger ropeways and amusement devices are now in effect. Railways will see variable increases starting 2013.

The BC Safety Authority has kept the costs of permits frozen for most technologies at 2008 levels to support clients during the economic downturn and has incurred deficits in 2010 and 2011.

The costs of permits, licences and registration go to pay for a wide assortment of safety services, including assessments and inspections for high-risk installations and assets, general and ongoing operating inspections, safety officer-led education programs such as province-wide workshops called Tech Talks, enforcement and compliance programs, research and data gathering through incident investigations, client support services, an informational website for clients, public safety awareness campaigns, and investment in the appropriate tools and equipment to perform inspections, investigations and other safety services.

For details on the proposed fees and how to provide feedback, go to http://safetyauthority.ca/page/fee-consultation-2012-2014.