1 September 2011

BCSA selects exemplar clients for Alternative Safety Approaches Program

Spectra Energy and Superior Propane have been selected as exemplar clients for the Alternative Safety Approaches (ASA) Program. Both companies will work with an assigned BCSA liaison in developing and submitting a Safety Management Plan. If the plan is accepted, the client may then operate its facility under the plan.

The BCSA selection team found that the two companies’ proposals scored significantly higher on the criteria outlined in the Client Exemplar Process document. The criteria includes:

  1. Project is sufficiently advanced in design and/or construction to engage in meaningful development of a Safety Management Plan. While completed projects will be considered, preference will be given to impending or in progress new projects and/or new technology;
  2. Workforce involvement in the development of the Safety Management Plan;
  3. A willingness to be transparent in practices and exchange of information;
  4. Demonstrated ability to implement a Safety Management Plan;
  5. A commitment to invest time and resources to the exemplar process; and
  6. Proponent’s agreement to work in conjunction with their industry trade association during the development of the Safety Management Plan to facilitate information transfer in their industry.

The external client exemplar process was initially limited to new bioenergy projects. However, the proposed projects from this sector were not advanced enough to achieve the objectives of the exemplar process in a timely manner. Thus, the process was opened to a larger client base.

On the two selected clients, BCSA noted the following advantages:

  1. Equipment and work processes are in service and will enable timely completion of the process.
  2. Two different market sectors are represented.
  3. Strong management systems are in place and capable of implementing a safety management system approach.
  4. For several years, Superior Propane, a leading propane supplier, has been seeking to manage its propane installations using a safety management plan to ensure safe operation and full regulatory compliance.
  5. Spectra Energy’s proposal involves a currently classified third class plant with significant automation features built into the original design. The proposal seeks exemptions from sections of prescriptive regulations on supervision and inspection requirements for regulated pressure equipment.

For any inquiries regarding the ASA, please email asa@safetyauthority.ca.