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If you intend to be hired by others to perform electrical work, you must be licensed by BC Safety Authority.

Applying for your licence

Submit your Licence Application Form 1028 to any BCSA regional office.

When you apply for an electrical contractor’s licence you must:

  1. Name a Field Safety Representative (FSR) on the licence;
  2. Provide the original surety bond of $10,000 bearing the principal's signature and insurer's signature and seal with your application, and
  3. Pay the application fee.

Renewing your licence

If you have received your renewal notice, please call 1-866-566-7233 to pay by credit card. Or bring your completed renewal form and payment to a BCSA regional office.

Class A, B and C Field Safety Representatives (FSRs) must demonstrate their understanding of the current BC Electrical Code when they renew their certification. For more information, please read the FSR Continuing Education and Certification Program.

Changes to your licence

*f  your contact information changes, you must notify BCSA by calling 1-866-566-7233.

If the status of your FSR has changed, you must submit a Notice of FSR Change Form 1023 at a BCSA regional office immediately.

Field Safety Representative certification

To be a Field Safety Representative (FSR), you must pass the exam for your certification. This allows you to be the named FSR on a contractor licence and on permits.

You are also authorized to sign declarations for work performed by contractors. It is then your responsibility to:

  1. Examine the work to ensure it complies with the Safety Standards Act,
  2. Request any inspections required under the Act,
  3. Ensure no work is concealed or connected to a supply unless authorized, and
  4. Ensure compliance with qualifications and supervision requirements for individuals doing work under the permit.

To qualify for an exam, you must meet the minimum requirements for that class.

Certificates are issued to individuals, not companies.