Gas Certification


The most common certificates are: 

Class A: For installation and alteration of any gas system. There are no loads or limits for this classification. 

Class B: For installation and alteration of any gas system with limits. To understand those limits, please refer to Section 7 of the Gas Safety Regulation.

For all other classifications, please refer to Division 2 of the Gas Safety Regulation.

Please note: certificates are issued to individuals, not companies.

Certification Application Process

To obtain your certificate, take the following steps:

  1. Complete your gas education.
  2. Complete the Gas Fitter exam application and submit the form along with your payment and proof that you meet the minimum requirements for that class of exam. You will be required to provide original copies of documents. Notarized copies will also be accepted. Submit your application and exam fees to any BCSA office. For more information, go to examinations.
  3. Receive your exam confirmation letter by email or mail (depending on preference indicated).
  4. Contact BCSA to confirm your exam date, location and time.
  5. Sit for your exam (Remember to bring photo identification when you write your exam).
  6. Receive your exam results (by mail or email depending on the preference you have indicated).
  7. For Gas Fitter Class B only: Forward your ITA qualifications to BCSA (this is required to complete your certification).
  8. Once you have passed your exam and your supporting documents have been approved, you will receive your certification letter and wallet card. You are now certified and ready to be named on a permit.
  9. Take the online BCSA Orientation Course for newly certified and licensed individuals “A Great Start”, available in BCSA's Online Learning Centre. Note that the course will require account registration.

Renewing your certificate

Certificates must be renewed every three years. If you have received your renewal notice and would like to apply and pay for an updated certificate, please call 1-866-566-7233 or visit the nearest BCSA office.