Gas Homeowner Permits

Forms and fees referenced on this page:

Homeowners doing gas installations require a permit before they begin. For more information on performing gas work, getting your permit, municipalities that issue their own gas permits and working with contractors, please visit our Thinkpermit website.

Homeowners gas safety guide

A great starting point in understanding how to obtain your permit and what to expect once you have one is the Gas Safety Homeowner Information Guide

Applying for your gas permit

To apply for a gas permit, you must complete the Homeowner Gas Permit Application Package Form 1535 and submit it, along with payment, to a BCSA office.

Note: To be announced, homeowners will be able to use the online service to apply for a homeowner gas installation permit - check back frequently to find out the date! For more information about this new online service, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions. If you need service now, please call our call centre for improved services to support your permit needs.

For details on permit fees, please see the Homeowner gas permit fee schedule.

Inspecting your work

BSCA will inspect your work. You must request this inspection by completing the Gas Homeowner Inspection Request form.

Owners of other types of buildings

Owners of a strata, non-strata duplex or home with legal suites, and those operating a business from their home, cannot obtain homeowner permits and must hire a licensed contractor to perform legal, permitted work. For more information, please read the Homeowner Scope of Work Directive in the Gas Regulations section.