Hazard Data

Hazards are defined as a source of potential harm to persons or potential damage to property. Hazards can include unsafe work practices, unsafe conditions, unlicensed work or unpermitted work.

As-Found Hazard Data

During each physical assessment of regulated work, safety officers will identify hazards found. These "as-found" hazards reflect what the safety officers discovered when they initially observed the duty holders’ work or equipment and not the condition following completion of the interaction with the safety officer. As-found hazards are important as they provide an indication of how well duty holders independently understand and fulfill their safety obligations under the safety system. Hazard rating assignments range from INSIGNIFICANT to SEVERE.

Hazards identified by BCSA safety officers over the last two years are provided via a downloadable Excel spreadsheet that is sortable by technology. Additional formats may be made available at a later date.

YearHazard Data
2016 Data Set (.xlsx)
2015 Data Set (.xlsx)

Hazard Case Studies

As part of BC Safety Authority’s commitment to share safety information with clients and the public, we publish hazard case studies of high risk installations and practices.