To promote safe practices across BC we educate, guide, and warn; but if this is ignored, we enforce.

Click on the boxes below to find out why permits, licences, compliance and safety matters. Disregarding any of these elements of our safety system will result in BCSA taking enforcement actions such as providing a warning notice, issuing a compliance order, or imposing a monetary penalty or discipline order. In the case of a discipline order, a contractor licence or individual certificate of qualification could be either suspended or revoked.


A permit is a form of permission that allows a person to perform regulated work, or operate regulated equipment as authorized by the applicable regulations in their field of expertise. Permits Matter


A licence shows that a contractor is qualified to install, operate or perform maintenance on certified equipment. Licences Matter


When regulated work does not comply with provincial legislation and regulations, it is not only against the law, it’s unsafe. Compliance Matters


Whenever we turn the lights on, fire up a gas appliance, go up an escalator or an elevator, ride a train, ski lift or roller coaster, we want to be confident that these technologies and equipment will work safely. Safety Matters

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