A Safer British Columbia

Annual State of Safety 2023

State of Safety: Top 5 Safety Risks

Each year, we analyze and rank the top safety risks encountered by measuring the data gleaned from incident and hazard reports and compiling our risk register. These risks have been identified by collecting, assessing, and rating incident investigation data. When ranking the Top 5 Safety Risks, we analyze the likelihood of an incident taking place, as well as the severity of consequences such as injury or damage.

This work helps us identify areas where risk treatment is needed and develop strategies to influence better outcomes, whether it’s through regulation, communications, education, enforcement, partnering with another organization, or all of the above.

Carbon Monoxide Exposure: The Top Safety Risk in BC

CO gas is produced when burning fuels like propane, natural gas, oil, charcoal, or wood. The risk of CO exposure remains our top safety risk because of its severity but also because many people aren’t aware of its causes or how they can prevent and detect it.


Taking Action on Ammonia Safety

Ammonia is used to cool ice rinks, cold storage facilities, and warehouses. But when it’s not managed correctly, contact with the chemical can be deadly. Learn how we’re responding to this safety risk.

Igniting Awareness: Digging into the Severity of Gas Line Strikes

Beneath our feet lies an extensive network of systems that support our daily lives: telecommunication cables, electrical wires, watermains, sewer lines, and of course, natural gas lines. Striking a gas line can be deadly. Learn about two severe incidents we investigated, and how we’re helping get out the word about calling before you dig.


Sparking BC Homeowners' Electrical Safety Awareness

Electrical fires occur when any electrical equipment, wiring, or components overheat, malfunction, or become damaged, which can lead to ignition. Electrical fires are one of the top causes of house fires in Canada and are one of the top safety risks when it comes to regulated equipment. Learn what we’re doing to mitigate this safety risk.

Empowering Safety: Illuminating the Dangers of Electrical Shock in BC

Electrical shock is a common hazard faced by British Columbians that can occur in any location with some form of electricity. Whether you’re at home, work, or out and about, electricity is everywhere, and so are the risks. Electric shock shouldn’t be underestimated and can go well beyond a little jolt. Learn what we’re doing to mitigate this safety risk.


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