State of Safety 2023

An overview of the work we’re doing to improve the safety of technical equipment in BC plus informational data, trends, charts, and analysis.

Navigating the Safety Landscape

Discover trends, hazards, and develop a better understanding of the technical safety landscape in BC as we report on developments and accomplishments in our service to safety for British Columbians.

State of Safety 2023

Top 5 Safety Risks

From carbon monoxide to electrical shock and fire, learn about the Top 5 Safety Risks we identified for 2023.

State of Safety 2023

Building Confidence

Learn about emerging risks. See how we’re improving the client experience and enforcing against those who work outside of the safety system.

State of Safety 2023

Safety Engagement

Discover how we’re working with industry partners, sharing safety information, and delivering safety education.

State of Safety 2023

Data and Trends

Find key statistics on permits, incidents, injuries, assessments, and more.