Approved Certification Marks For Gas Appliances

15 August 2017

Reference #:  D-G5 051201 2 Rev 06

This directive is being issued by a provincial safety manager pursuant to section 30 of the Safety Standards Act.

General Details 

Under section 31 (1) of the Gas Safety Regulation, gas appliances must not be installed in BC unless they bear either a certification mark of an approved certification agency or an approval mark issued by  BC Safety Authority under section 10 of the Safety Standards Act. This directive specifies the certification/approval marks that are acceptable in BC. 

Specific Details 

Certification Bodies - Certification Marks for gas equipment where a nationally recognized standard (NRS) exists can be applied by an accredited Standards Council of Canada (SCC) certification body (CB). 

For contact information and scope of CB accreditation see SCC directory detailing Product Certification Schemes 

The following certification/approval marks are recognized for gas appliances in BC: 

Underwriters Laboratories of Canada 


Canadian Standards Association o/a CSA Group 


Intertek Testing Services NA Inc.

OMNI – Test Laboratories, Inc 


LabTest Certification Inc

Note: Limited Gas product testing

PFS Corporation 

Note: Applicable to central heating equipment, ranges/oven and gas heaters.

ICC Evaluation Service, LLC


Inspection Bodies

Approval Label and marking can be applied by an SCC accredited inspection body (IB) for gas fired appliances and equipment where a NRS does not exists. 

Note: A field approval is void if the appliance is altered or relocated. 

For contact information and scope of IB accreditation see SCC directory of accredited Inspection Bodies

ENEFEN Energy Efficiency Engineering Ltd.

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IRED Thermal Group Ltd

Intertek Testing Services NA Ltd.

Province of BC Certification Marks

Limited Product Gas Approvals

Product Field Approvals



Brad Wyatt
Provincial Safety Manager - Gas

Safety Standards Act
Gas Safety Regulation
CSA B149.1 - Natural gas and propane installation code
CSA B149.2 - Propane storage and handling code