Advisory Panels

An advisory panel is a short-term group of up to eight industry representatives who give advice to BCSA on a specific issue. The issue can be anything from a technical concept to a change in business practices.

How members are selected

You choose which types of advisory panels you would like to be considered for, based on your expertise.

How an advisory panel is formed

When an issue comes up that requires feedback from a specific industry expertise, individuals who have registered to be on an advisory panel with that expertise will be asked if they would like to be on an advisory panel for that issue.

How much time you’ll need to commit

Advisory panel members will be responsible for reading a discussion paper, thinking critically about a topic, and responding to the given materials. Most of this work can be done via email or electronic survey, in addition to one or two meetings at approximately two hours each, depending on the issue. Afterwards, the advisory panel is disbanded.

Still have questions?

Read the Advisory Panel FAQ or email BCSA’s Stakeholder Engagement team at