Elevating Operating Permits

If you own a building that has an elevating device installed, it’s your responsibility to obtain an operating permit. You also need to renew the permit every year thereafter.

Your renewal reminder and form will be mailed 30 days before your operating permit expires. Please submit your form in person at any BCSA office or call

Be prepared to pay the renewal fee.

To retain your operating permit you need to hire a licensed maintenance contractor to perform mandatory maintenance. For more information see the Mandatory Maintenance directive.

As the owner of a new installation, your elevating contractor will have to request an inspection once the installation has been completed. The owner, within 60 days after a passed inspection, must obtain an operating permit. Please see Elevating Devices Information Bulletin IB-ED 2013-01.

Once an installation has passed an inspection, our office will send an invoice to the owner for an operating permit.

Remember, all active elevating devices must have an operating permit.