Operating Permits

When is an operating permit required?

An operating permit is required in British Columbia if you are operating or maintaining specific types of equipment that fall within the requirements of the Safety Standards General Regulation (B.C. Reg. 105/2004). If you are the owner or managing agent of one of the following types of premises it is likely that you will require an operating permit for one or more technologies:

  • Commercial properties
  • Industrial plants
  • Mills
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Multi-unit office or residential buildings
  • Schools, hospitals & municipal facilities

Why do I need an operating permit?

Having qualified individuals responsible for the operation and maintenance of your property’s technical equipment protects your investment by providing compliance and oversight of your site’s safety.

It is your legal obligation to obtain an operating permit to satisfy requirements for operation and maintenance of equipment. Operating permits confirm that maintenance of your equipment is monitored or performed by qualified individuals. These individuals are responsible for technical safety inspection, operation and maintenance requirements, while ensuring that work records for equipment are kept up to date.

Each site may also be subject to periodic inspection.

How do I know if I need an operating permit?

The specific requirements for each technology can be found here:

When do I acquire an operating permit?

  • You must obtain an operating permit before operating equipment or performing maintenance work.
  • You must obtain a new operating permit when you acquire a property which has a current operating permit. Existing permits become invalid when properties change ownership.
  • You must adhere to an ongoing renewal process as long as the equipment remains in service.

How do I acquire an operating permit?

An application form is available via the relevant technologies listed above. Completed applications must be submitted to the BCSA for approval. Once your application has been approved and payment has been received as detailed on the invoice, your operating permit will be sent to you.

Your application may require you to include details of the person responsible for the maintenance of your equipment. This individual may be your own qualified employee, a qualified contractor, or your contractor’s qualified employee. Their signature is required on your application to confirm they will be responsible for the maintenance of equipment for the duration of the operating permit. You may change this qualified individual at each renewal interval, if necessary, provided the qualified person assuming responsibility provides a declaration of compliance.