Gas Installation Permits

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Licensed contractors working with natural and manufactured gas, liquefied petroleum gas, hydrogen, digester gas, landfill gas, or a mixture or dilution of gasses, need to apply for a permit before they install regulated equipment, piping, or appliances.

If you have an installation and the scope of the work on that site has since changed, get the permit amended at your nearest BCSA office.

Please note: BC Safety Authority issues gas installation permits for the Province of British Columbia, except for the following municipalities that issue their own gas permits. They issue gas installation permits for single family dwellings or if the gas meter pressure is 2PSI or less, and/or if the total connected load to the gas meter is 409,600 BTU/hr or less.

Gas Installation Permit

If you have a BCSA MyConnection account, you can log in there to obtain an installation permit.

Otherwise, you can use our Gas Installation Permit Form to request an installation permit.

Once the form is completed, an email copy will be sent to your email address. BC Safety Authority will then review the details and call you to process fees for your installation permit.

If you need any further help or information about this, please contact our Contact Centre.

For commercial and all other installations, please refer to the Gas Fee Schedule or for residential installations refer to:

After the inspection, please ensure your Gasfitter has submitted the Gas Notification of Completion, Installation or Alteration Form 570 using the same steps described above.

Completing your installation

For BCSA areas of jurisdiction, if you have finished or altered your permitted installation, please complete the Gas Notification of Completion, Installation or Alteration Form 570 using the steps described above.