Data Sheet Handicapped Stair Lifts

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Data Sheet Handicapped Stair Lifts
The information on this form is collected to administer the provisions of the Safety Standards Act and (Name of Specific Regulation). If you have any questions about the collection and use of this information, contact the Records, Information & Privacy Analyst at 1866-566-SAFE (7233).
Date: Unit Number: Address: City: Contractor: Floor Penetration Disconnect Switch Fuse Disconnect Switch Volt Landing Vertical Clearance > 2
Elevator Class: Elevator Type: # of Floors: Capacity: Speed: (0.15/0.25)m/s
Platform / Chair Stair
Non Landing Vertical Clearance > 1.5 m Protection against Hazard & Falling Travel & Projection Angle (45˚ max for inclined) Beveled Projection (15˚ if < 300mm Clearance)
No Load Volt
Full Load Speed ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ Current Volt Speed ▲ ▼ Terminal Stopping Device Down Safety Test ▼ ▼
Terminal Stopping Device Up Brake Test
Mechanical Limits Stop Switch Guide Rails Capacity Plate Emergency Bell
Horizontal Clearances (min 50) Ceiling or Soffit Guard (min 300 mm) Suspension Means Foldable / Routable Components Guards for Attendant Platforms Warning Signal (when moving No Direct View) Stop Switch / Bell Safety Flaps & Handrails Platform Max Area 1.3 m
Car Call Button Emergency Stop Switch Light (100lx) Emergency Light (2 lx)
Location of Buttons (890-137) mm
Where there is a conflict between this Guideline and the Act and Regulations the regulations shall prevail. 
  FRM‐1210‐00 (2009‐05‐04)