client segment

The primary target audience for a product or service.

certificate of qualification

A certificate issued by BC Safety Authority to an individual who provides evidence of his/her knowledge and ability to do regulated work in a manner that meets the requirements under the Safety Standards Act and allows an individual to perform regulated work in British Columbia within the scope of the certificate.

certificate of inspection

A document issued by BC Safety Authority upon completion of a physical assessment or inspection. This document identifies as found conditions and any non-compliances with respect to the regulated work, product or equipment that must be corrected by the permit holder.


An independent, systematic review supported by objective evidence that is focused on a system or process.

as-found conditions

Conditions observed by safety officers during physical assessments, investigations, or audits of regulated work, product or equipment, or safety systems.

BC Safety Authority’s Annual Report 2015


Throughout 2015, BCSA developed products and services that added value for our clients and engaged stakeholders.

Langley Wake Up & Learn - Elecrical Contractors, FSR's and Journeymen

Come join us for our next Wake Up & Learn session on Tuesday June 28th from 7:00am - 9:00am

This event features a full breakfast, meet & greet with local Electrical Safety Officers and a 30 minute overview of:

BCSA Annual Report 2015 - Officers

BCSA Annual Report 2015 - Board of Directors

Resource Allocation Program (RAP)

A rating program which uses risk-informed criteria to establish work priorities and the allocation of resources. RAP uses current and historical data which is based on the scope and stage of work being performed; equipment environment; and safety history.