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Gas Wake Up & Learn - Ask a Gas Safety Officer

Gas Wake Up & Learn - Ask a Gas Safety Officer

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asset owner

A person or company that owns or leases regulated products or equipment.

Accident Prevention Model

BC Safety Authority's multi-faceted approach to managing technical systems safety risks through the four pillars of assessment, education and outreach, research, and enforcement.

Gas Newsletter Summer/Fall 2016


Our latest Gas newsletter features unpermitted work and hazards found at a home renovations

hazards around propane tanks

Changes to electrical forms - field safety representative (FSR) signatures no longer required

What has changed?

FSRs no longer need to sign the items listed below, which are submitted by owners of electrical equipment. Owners are responsible for verifying the FSRs who perform or supervise regulated work at each site. Owners must also confirm with the named FSRs that the operation and maintenance of electrical equipment complies with the Safety Standards Act and BC regulations.

FSRs also no longer need to sign the two forms listed below, which are submitted by contractors:

Why has this change occurred?

  • To align with the Safety Standards Act, BC Regulations and the Electrical Operating Permit Directive.
  • To make equipment owners aware of their responsibilities and obligations to notify and verify their FSR details with BC Safety Authority.

How will FSRs know if they’ve been named on operating permits?

  • The equipment owner’s statement of declaration indicates they must advise the FSR.
  • FSRs have been invited to access our online services for the purpose of submitting declarations and to view the permits they are named on.

If you have received an invitation to register, please try the service and let us know what you think.

If you have not yet received an email invitation and are interested in using this service, please contact us at

Amusement Devices Safety News


This season's newsletter looks at the set up of brakes on train rides, zipline injuries and Slide the City.

Gas Wake Up & Learn - Ask a Gas Safety Officer