operating permit

A permission issued by BC Safety Authority that allows the operation and maintenance of a regulated product or equipment. An operating permit may be issued to the owner of a regulated product or building where the product or equipment is to be operated.

monetary penalty

An administrative penalty issued by a BCSA safety manager to a person or company for specific non-compliance(s), in amounts up to a maximum of $100,000.


A permission issued by a BCSA provincial safety manager that entitles a person to engage in regulated work. A licence is subject to terms and conditions specified by a provincial safety manager and to any requirements associated with a contractor’s licence that are contained in the regulations. A licence is normally associated with a specific person and is not specific to a particular site or location.


The extent of an agency's or organization’s legal authority, including the subject-matter and geographical area that it may regulate and what powers it may use.

installation permit

A written permission required to install or alter regulated product or equipment. Depending on the work being performed, an installation permit may be issued to a licensed contractor, a person who holds an operating permit, an owner of a regulated product or equipment or a homeowner who performs regulated work as permitted under the regulations.


Any physical damage to the body caused by an event that occurs as a result of an incident involving regulated work, products or equipment, further classified as:

major injury

An injury that involves long-term but not permanent impairment of function or loss of function of any body part, organ or mental faculty, significant physical pain and some disability or loss of function; examples include fractures, internal injuries or wounds that are serious but not life-threatening, or considerable exposure to noxious substances. Medical attention is required.

information bulletin

A document that provides helpful information on safety, administrative requirements, or other matters.

industrial siding and spur railways

Railways that exclusively serve and move railway equipment at industrial sites, or as designated by the authority having administrative responsibility.

field safety representative (FSR)

An individual who holds a certificate of qualification verifying that they have satisfied regulatory requirements for demonstrating competency in the interpretation and application of regulations and codes. The certificate is required to carry out the duties described in regulation. These duties include obligations to assess compliance of regulated work and operation of equipment; certification also entitles them, on behalf of a contractor or operating permit holder, to make declarations that regulated work complies with the Safety Standards Act and regulations.

Engineer (professional)

A person registered or licensed under the Engineers and Geoscientists Act. The Engineers and Geoscientists Act is administered by the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia (APEGBC).