A regulatory instrument issued by a BCSA provincial safety manager that clarifies or provides new interpretation, application or operation of a regulation or code. Compliance is mandatory.

design review

The review of a design to determine that it meets the submission requirements and has been completed by a qualified person according to the Safety Standards Act.

design registration

The entry of a design to the register.


Drawings, specifications, calculations and instructions necessary to construct, install and maintain equipment in compliance with the Safety Standards Act.

declaration of compliance

A signed statement made by a duty holder stating that work subject to the Safety Standards Act is complete and complies to a specified code, standard or other requirement and is safe for use.

control measure

Method applied by duty holders to prevent intrinsic hazards from resulting with unintended consequences. Examples include:

  • Use of qualified professionals or persons to perform the work
  • Ensuring the products, equipment and work conform to safety codes and standards
  • Ensuring workers are aware of the hazards related to regulated equipment and work
  • Fostering a positive safety culture within the working environment
  • Including regulated product, equipment and work into safety management plans

compliance order

A document issued to a person or company by a BCSA safety officer or safety manager that specifies actions to be taken, stopped or modified.

client segment

The primary target audience for a product or service.

certificate of qualification

A certificate issued by BC Safety Authority to an individual who provides evidence of his/her knowledge and ability to do regulated work in a manner that meets the requirements under the Safety Standards Act and allows an individual to perform regulated work in British Columbia within the scope of the certificate.

certificate of inspection

A document issued by BC Safety Authority upon completion of a physical assessment or inspection. This document identifies as found conditions and any non-compliances with respect to the regulated work, product or equipment that must be corrected by the permit holder.