qualified person

A person with an appropriate combination of education, skill, and knowledge, including as demonstrated by a certificate, to carry out regulated work or other regulated activities according to the Safety Standards Act.

physical assessment

See definition for inspection.


A form of permission that allows a person to perform regulated work, or operate regulated equipment as authorized by the applicable regulations in their field of expertise. A permit is normally associated with a specific person and site.


A person or company that owns or leases regulated products or equipment. 


A person or company authorized by the owner to manage the operation of regulated product or equipment.

operating permit

A permission issued by BC Safety Authority that allows the operation and maintenance of a regulated product or equipment. An operating permit may be issued to the owner of a regulated product or building where the product or equipment is to be operated.

monetary penalty

An administrative penalty issued by a BCSA safety manager to a person or company for specific non-compliance(s), in amounts up to a maximum of $100,000.


A permission issued by a BCSA provincial safety manager that entitles a person to engage in regulated work. A licence is subject to terms and conditions specified by a provincial safety manager and to any requirements associated with a contractor’s licence that are contained in the regulations. A licence is normally associated with a specific person and is not specific to a particular site or location.


The extent of an agency's or organization’s legal authority, including the subject-matter and geographical area that it may regulate and what powers it may use.

installation permit

A written permission required to install or alter regulated product or equipment. Depending on the work being performed, an installation permit may be issued to a licensed contractor, a person who holds an operating permit, an owner of a regulated product or equipment or a homeowner who performs regulated work as permitted under the regulations.