BCSA Annual Report 2015 - Board of Directors

Resource Allocation Program (RAP)

A rating program which uses risk-informed criteria to establish work priorities and the allocation of resources. RAP uses current and historical data which is based on the scope and stage of work being performed; equipment environment; and safety history.


A failure of regulated product, equipment or work to meet applicable regulatory requirements.

Tech Talk

An educational session for contractors, provided by BCSA.


The probability of a consequence; the potential for an occurrence.


The systematic collection, evaluation, and analysis of facts and information related to a regulated product or work.


A type of assessment where the regulated product, equipment or work has been directly evaluated by BC Safety Authority.


An event that occurred as a result of regulated work, product or equipment that either caused death, personal injury or damage to property, or created a risk of personal injury or damage to property.

severe incident
An event that either caused or was likely to have caused fatal or permanent injury. Severe incidents may also be referred to as “Level 1” incidents.


A source of potential harm to persons or potential damage to property.


An evaluation or review of information relating to regulated work, product or equipment. Key BCSA activities in assessment are: