Boiler, Power Engineers, Refrigeration and Welder Exam Schedules and Locations

Note to Candidates Writing the 3rd Class Power Engineer Certification Examinations

The format for the 3B1 Power Engineering examination paper is changing from essay to multiple-choice format – in line with other third class exams.
The planned implementation date to administer the 3B1 examination in a multiple-choice format is January 1, 2016.
This change will only involve the format of the 3B1 exam. Whether administered in essay or multiple-choice format, the syllabus, pass mark and time to write the exam remains the same.

Be sure to check the SOPEEC website for progress updates on the implementation process.

Power engineer provided exam supplies (at BCSA offices only - special sittings require you to bring your own supplies)

  1. Calculator (Casio fx 260 or 300 Solar)
  2. A non-technical dictionary
  3. Binder containing the handbook of formulae, physical constants, steam and refrigeration tables, ASME boiler and pressure vessel codes required except sections VI and VII, ASME boiler and pressure vessel code academic extract and supplement, ASME/ANSI B31.3 process piping code, CSA B51 and CSA B52
  4. The power engineers, boiler, pressure vessel and refrigeration Safety Regulation and the Safety Standards General Regulation
  5. Drawing board, T-square, drawing paper and pencils.

Power engineer exam schedules

Exams for power engineers are held in Cranbrook, Fort St John, Kamloops, Kelowna, Langley, Nanaimo, Nelson, New Westminster, Prince George, Terrace and Victoria.

Power engineer exam locations


Fort St. John
By appointment only (on same dates as listed in the exam schedule)

New Westminster
Prince George
Contact BCSA Prince George

Note: Locations except Cranbrook and Terrace offer computer exams as an alternative to some paper exams.