Passenger Ropeway

Passenger Ropeways fees changed April 1, 2014

New fee schedule effective April 1, 2014. Read the consultation results on the fee change for Passenger Ropeways.

In order to receive a certificate of qualification as a passenger ropeway trainer, applicants must successfully complete the Lift 150 program and apply for a Certificate of Qualification.

The Passenger Ropeway Trainer Certificate of Qualification Application Form 1373 must include:

  • the type(s) of passenger ropeway for which certification is requested;
  • documentation of the applicant’s experience on the specific type(s) of passenger ropeway;
  • an official transcript from Selkirk College of your marks and attendance for Lift 150, including completion date;
  • name and address of the passenger ropeway company where the applicant proposes to conduct training; and
  • required application fee.