Pressure Vessel CRN Application Supplement Form 1436

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British Columbia Safety Authority Engineering & Research, Operations Design Registration
Suite 200, 505 Sixth Street New Westminster, BC V3L 0E1
Phone: (778) 396-2027 Fax: (778) 396-2064
Note: The information on this form is collected to administer the provisions of the BC Safety Standards Act and section 26 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. If you have any questions about the collection, use, or disclosure of this information, contact the Records, Information and Privacy Analyst for the BC Safety Authority at 1-866-566-7233.
This supplement form is to be completed and signed for a pressure vessel reciprocal registration. Drawing #:________________________________ CRN #: __________________________________ PRESSURE VESSEL CLASS (check one) Part Unfired Pressure Vessel PRESSURE VESSEL TYPE (check one)
Absorber Accumulator Adsorber Air Receiver Mounted with Machine Air Receiver Part of System Ammonia Stationary Ammonia Transported Autoclave Blow Down Tank Carbon Dioxide Stationary Carbon Dioxide Transported Chemical Storage Tank Chlorine Stationary Chlorine Transported Converter Cryogenic Stationary Cryogenic Transported Cushion Exp. Tank Deaerator Dehydrator Digester Discharge Bottle Domestic Hot Water Storage Drum Dryer Dryer Roll Filter Generator High Pressure Cylinder Hydraulic Tank Hydrogen Storage Tank Hydro-pneumatic Tank Hyperbaric Interstage Scrubber Line Heater Liquid Petroleum Stationary Liquid Petroleum Transported Liquid Receiver Nitrogen Stationary Nitrogen Transported Oxygen Stationary Oxygen Transported Pressure Vessel NonSpecific Propane Container Propane Stationary Propane Transported Reactor Receiver Refrigerant Liquid Receiver Retort Scrubber Separator Spherical Vessel Steam Kettle Steam Processor Steam Vessel Sterilizer Suction Bottle Sulphur Dioxide Stationary Sulphur Dioxide Transported Tank Tower (Column, etc.) Tube Boilers With Cast Headers
Revision: _________
Title: ___________________________
Date of Initial Registration: _____________________________
DESIGN CONDITIONS AND CONFIGURATION (complete and check applicable units) MAWP: PSIG kPa Bar MAWT: deg C deg F MDMT: deg C deg F External PSIG kPa Bar Pressure Shape Cylinder Square/ Irregular Rectangle Diameter mm meter inches feet Overall mm meter inches feet Note: vessels with an overall length greater than 20ft length must have detailed seismic and loading calculations submitted (see boiler and pressure vessel Width mm meter inches feet registration guide) Max meter3 Volume Corrosion Allowance mm inches
1  FRM‐1436‐00 (2013‐02‐06) 
Shell Material Shell Thickness Impact test required? Head Material Head Thickness Impact test required? Underground (buried) Vessel? TYPE OF SERVICE (check applicable)
Lethal Non-Lethal
mm Yes
inches No
mm Yes Yes
inches No No
CODE OR STANDARD OF DESIGN (check one) ASME Section I ASME Section IV ASME Section VIII, division 1 ASME Section VIII, division 2 ASME Section VIII, division 3 ASME PVHO-1 RECIPROCAL COMPLIANCE DECLARATION
ASME B31.1 ASME B31.3 ASME B31.5 CSA B51 CSA B52 Other (specify)______________________________
I declare that the submitted design in this application conforms to the design that has been previously registered by another Province and that documentation of previous registration is provided.
Name ______________________ Signature ___________________________ Date ________________________
2  FRM‐1436‐00 (2013‐02‐06) 
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