Report an Incident/Hazard

Call 911 if you need emergency assistance.


After receiving emergency assistance, please report any fatalities or serious injuries to BC Safety Authority. Please also report major damage to property or equipment.
Please call: 1-866-566-7233 (24 hours).

Other incidents or hazards – What to report

Near miss incidents, injuries, and damage to property or regulated equipment should be reported to the building owner or operator so they can address immediate hazards. Contractors and owners are required to submit the incident reporting form for any and all incidents. 

Once the area is safe, call a licenced, certified or BCSA qualified contractor to identify any further hazards. Lastly, please ensure the contractor, operator, building owner or equipment owner has contacted BCSA by:


Please call: 1-866-566-7233


To submit your incident/accident report by email, please follow this new process:

  1. Download and complete this Incident/Accident Reporting Form,
  2. Save your PDF form to your desktop, and
  3. Attach to your email and send to

Contractors, operators and equipment owners are reminded that they are obliged to contact BC Safety Authority within 24 hours of the incident or accident. For more information see part eight of the Safety Standards General Regulations.

Contractors – Important reporting information

Each technology has a different way to report an incident so it’s important that you follow the instructions in the relevant directive:
Amusement Devices*
Boilers, Pressure Vessels, and Refrigeration 
Elevating Devices
Passenger Ropeways*
Railway Part A (Initial) & Part B (Final)

You may use the form contained in the directive in place of the incident/accident reporting form above.

* Note: Contractors and owners of Amusement Rides or Passenger Ropeways are to submit the incident reporting form for any and all incidents and accidents.

Report a Safety Risk Confidentially

Use our Report a Safety Risk service to file a confidential and secure report of safety information.