Hazard Case Studies

As part of BC Safety Authority’s commitment to share safety information with clients and the public, we publish hazard case studies of high risk installations and practices.

Hazard Case Studies

Hazard Data

This data is gathered by BC Safety Authority in the course of incident investigations and routine inspections. During each physical assessment of regulated work, safety officers identify hazards found and rate the hazards in accordance with a predetermined scale. All SEVERE and/or MAJOR hazards found in 2015 are listed in the attached documents. These hazards are published as directly entered by safety officers with only changes made to remove personal or professional identifiers as required for privacy protection.

For information on Understanding Safety Risk in BC in our latest State of Safety report.

2016 (YTD) - (all technologies combined)

2015 (by technology):

 Amusement Devices
 Boilers and Pressure Vessels
 Elevating Devices
 Passenger Ropeways