Buried Storage Vessels

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1. This circular details the British Columbia Safety Authority’s requirements for the registration of designs for mounded, vaulted, and underground pressure vessels, for use in British Columbia. These pressure vessels shall be registered in accordance with CSA B51 ABoiler, Pressure Vessel, and Pressure Piping Code@. Registration submissions must be sent to the attention of Design Survey, Engineering and Research. 2. The standards governing the design and construction of underground pressure vessels are the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Codes. The registration submission shall verify that the design conforms to the code, is suitable for external loadings due to the underground installation and that the installation has been accepted, if applicable, by other jurisdictional authorities. As a minimum, one copy of the following information and documentation shall be submitted: (a) A completed BCSA CRN application form. (b) Approval of the Municipality and Fire Department in which the underground vessel will be located, if applicable. (c) Specifications, drawings and details demonstrating that the installation complies with BCSA Directive D-G5 051206 7 Retail Propane Refuelling Stations, if applicable. (d) Requirements of CSA B51 Clause 7.2.2 for buried propane tanks and CSA B51 Clause 7.2.3 for other buried pressure vessels shall be considered. (e) Drawings and calculations for the vessel foundation and mounting design certified by a Professional Engineer. Factors to be considered in this design include supports to anchor the vessel in the event of buoyancy due to the water uplift and mountings must be adequate for the soil conditions to support the vessel. A report on an investigation of the soil condition shall be submitted to support the foundation design. (f) Drawings and calculations confirming that the pressure vessel design conforms to the appropriate ASME Pressure Vessel Code. The vessel design must be adequate for external loadings including, but not limited to, the weight of the soil cover, adjacent structures and roadways. A site plan shall be submitted showing the location of the vessel and roadways or structures which could cause external loads to be applied to the vessel. If the vessel is not designed for vehicle loads, the procedures to prevent such loads must be outlined. (g) The buried vessel shall be protected from corrosion by a cathodic protection system, which has been designed by a qualified designer. The registration submission shall include a description of the cathodic protection system, installation and testing procedures as well as maintenance and maintenance recording procedures to ensure satisfactory operation of the cathodic protection system. 1/2 3. The submission of the documentation for the underground vessel shall be coordinated by either
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the applicant, the owner of the vessel, or designated agent. One copy of all information pertaining to the vessel is sufficient. When submitting additional information, please reference the BCSA Journal number to avoid any processing delays. 4. The registration submission will be reviewed to verify that all applicable code requirements have been considered in the design and all required calculations made. Upon satisfactory review , the vessel design shall be assigned a Canadian Registration Number (CRN). This CRN is site specific and therefore only applicable to the underground vessel at that site. A design registration letter indicating the CRN, date of registration, manufacturer=s name, vessel description, drawing/revision numbers, installation location, registration fee and any other pertinent information will be sent to the applicant. A separate invoice will be forwarded for the registration fee. No other documents will be stamped or returned to the applicant. 5. Manufacturers of pressure vessels in countries other than Canada shall hold an ASME Certificate of Authorization. The pressure vessel must be stamped with the appropriate ASME Code symbol and registered with the National Board.
505 – 6TH STREET, SUITE 200, NEW WESTMINSTER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA V3L 0E1 Phone: (778) 396-2027 Fax: (778) 396-2064 Web Site: www.safetyauthority.ca