Amusement Devices Fee Schedule

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Head Office: 88 - 6th Street, Suite 400 New Westminster, BC V3L 5B3 Phone: 604-660-6286 Toll Free: 1-866-566-SAFE Fax: 604-660-6215
Note: The completed original of this form, together with the fee, drawings and specifications, to be forwarded to the Operations Safety Services Department, BC Safety Authority. One submission form per unit. Fee for Amusement Device Drawings and Specifications Submission as per fee schedule must be included with this application. See link or call toll free number for fee schedule. Fee schedule Fees payable to BC Safety Authority.
For contractor use Contractor name Submission date (MM-DD-YYYY)
The device will conform to the Safety Standards Act and Regulations. Company Officer name New installation Alteration Inflatable device Kiddie ride Major ride Waterslide Zipline Unit name Name of legal owner of device Owner address Installation site address Manufacturer Owner phone number Operating speed Signature Travelling ride Fixed ride
Total travel/rise Capacity
m kg m/s rpm
Specifications Note: Specification drawings are not required for inflatable devices. Drawings prepared by Drawings and specifications conform to applicable safety codes. Code Supplement Professional Engineer's seal, date and signature
For office use (Safety Manager/Safety Officer) File number Amount Comments Unit number Entry date (MM-DD-YYYY)
Frm-????-?? (2007-11-15)
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